IMG_3572I write, create, show and tell. I am a helper, storyteller, and Excellence Czar. And like most human stories, my professional life hosts a variety of chapters.

Chapter 1: Teenagers Make me Laugh. I taught high school English and Creative Writing and coached girls soccer.

Chapter 2: Motherhood and the Accidental Masters. A professional move I took for granted, romancing a collection of women’s clothing was my graduate school of marketing and sales. Motherhood had its teaching moments too.

Chapter 3: #2 is #1 to Me. For 18 years, I directed the Admission, Marketing, and Communications Teams at an independent, PS-8 school that under my watch scaled to #2 best private elementary school in the country.

Chapter 4: Content + Creative + Bethinc. The principles of creativity are applicable to every initiative. With Bethinc., I’ve honed in on the work I love the most: not-for-profits, start-ups, and small businesses. I help advance their missions through content, creative, and marketing strategies.

I’ve collected experiences, stories, systems, and technical tools for taking something good and making it great. Each chapter builds the story, and as a teacher, writer, and editorial content developer, I can help build the creative landscape and powerful message.

A good story tells you what you need to know while keeping you curious for more. Take a look at some of my stories.  Tell me your story, and let’s see if there’s room to add another chapter.

Chapter 5…

Looking for more? Here’s The Official Resume.

3 thoughts on “Professional”

  1. I love your adventure and I admire that you are doing what YOU love! I’m out of town during your March workshop, however, I am eager to participate in more, please keep me in mind. May I please be on your list? I’m loving this! Blessing and Best wishes!


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I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me over the past two days.  I feel like we covered quite a bit and you left me with an immediate plan of action.  I am extremely grateful for your expertise, your candor and your great sense of humor.  You did a great job of pinpointing our challenges and left me with a toolbox full of tangible ways to tackle them.  I found myself giving a tour in my head as I was cooking supper tonight…

Admission Director, K-12, South Carolina

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