The Common Wealth of Kentucky

A Creative Collaboration

Contemporary impressionist oil painter Kelly Brewer and collaborators are building a multi-media experience, art exhibition, book, and podcast that illuminates the people of Kentucky, their faces, their stories, and their culture. The project reveals the richness embodied as members of this beautiful state and the common connections we have with one another. Focused on that which connects us as people–all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds, Kelly paints from life while Beth Pride, writer and multi-media creative, combines portrait and landscape art with oral and narrative storytelling.

The Outcome 

There is an immediate outcome in the positive connections we make with participants throughout our time building the project. The journey will result in an event, a multimedia art exhibit where the portraits and Kentucky landscapes will tell a visual, narrative, and oral story, and the publication of a book and podcast that will celebrate the people of Kentucky for years to come.