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Appalachia Part One: The Common Wealth of Kentucky Heads East.

The Common Wealth of Kentucky project explores and reveals the richness of humanity and the common connections we have with one another. Focused on that which connects us as people–all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds, contemporary impressionist Kelly Brewer paints from life while Beth Pride, writer and multi-media creative, combines portrait and landscape art with digital,… Continue reading Appalachia Part One: The Common Wealth of Kentucky Heads East.

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Awkward-Ass Year

We, like everyone else in the world, toasted a goodbye to 2020 this week. Some people said goodbye to an awful year. I said goodbye to an awkward, two-right-footed slippers kind of year.

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The Truth About the Herd

Thank God for Tik Tok. You won't find many Gen Xers who agree with me generally, but more specifically, how could we have survived the shutdown without the memes and stories we furiously forwarded to our friends and family? They engendered an ounce of levity during a freakishly "unprecedented time", and they connected us with others effortlessly. That connection was really, really important. That connection is the premise of this blog.