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The Perfect Middle Child is Central Kentucky

As we study this commonwealth, what consistently strikes me is the good-natured, gracious, almost neighborly quest for progress and prosperity in a state with three distinct regions. It's like the weird family where all the siblings seem to get along, and you can't help but wonder why. And where central Kentucky is the perfect middle child in a family of odd parts and shady reputations.

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Part Two: An Appalachian Epiphany

https://youtu.be/akDmD7QbNbY The Common Wealth of Kentucky project reveals the richness of humanity and the common connections we have with one another. Focused on that which connects us as people‚Äďall shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds, contemporary impressionist Kelly Brewer paints from life while I combine portrait and landscape art with digital, oral, and narrative storytelling. Collaborator Jill… Continue reading Part Two: An Appalachian Epiphany