It’s a Get It Done Thing.

It was pouring rain, loud on the tin roof. I could barely hear the drill in my own hand as I forced the last two-inch wood screw into the transition strip that lay between the kitchen and living room floor. I heard the crunch of gravel once, twice, three times. “Must be everyone on time”… Continue reading It’s a Get It Done Thing.

Let's Be Creative About This
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Let’s Be Creative About This

“Let’s be creative about this…” How many times have your heard yourself say this? You say it in meetings with colleagues, at dinner with your kids, in the middle of the woods with no GPS. You say it in the kitchen when you forgot to buy the main ingredient. You say it when you’re too… Continue reading Let’s Be Creative About This


It’s a Quandary: How higher ed is lowering our standards.

The QUANDARY is not a simple one. It starts at the top with big dorms, big amenities, big tuitions that lead to big competition for admission with grants and scholarships and ultimately a downgrading of the rigor that is meant to make these kids ready for college in the first place.


You Can Lead Them to Water

I plan to tell you more about the journey, but in a nutshell, I do the marketing and branding for The Lexington School in Lexington, Kentucky. The Pin Oak tree is part of the logo, so we talk a lot about nuts. Real nuts like acorns, not nuts like those of us who work there.… Continue reading You Can Lead Them to Water


What Exactly is a Teacher?

I’m a teacher. Except I'm not.  My teen-aged daughter tells me I’m not. For some reason she doesn’t like to allow me the privilege of saying I’m a teacher. It’s not that she has anything against teaching, at least I don’t think she does (I need to run a focus group on that), she’s just an… Continue reading What Exactly is a Teacher?