How to Stop Leftovers Shame

Holiday leftovers are standard for most and a priority for some. What we do with surplus food can lead to a sense of shame or gratification. This is the story of my journey to the latter.

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Part Two: An Appalachian Epiphany The Common Wealth of Kentucky project reveals the richness of humanity and the common connections we have with one another. Focused on that which connects us as people–all shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds, contemporary impressionist Kelly Brewer paints from life while I combine portrait and landscape art with digital, oral, and narrative storytelling. Collaborator Jill… Continue reading Part Two: An Appalachian Epiphany


The Common Wealth of Kentucky Project is Born. I woke up on a padded bench inside a metal van, my body stiff. Big Agnes, my sleeping pad, was deflated and crumbled on the floor next to an open bag of tortilla chips and empty plastic wine glasses. The rotary spew of coffee from the Keurig sounded like bliss. Kelly sat my cup… Continue reading The Common Wealth of Kentucky Project is Born.

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The Truth About the Herd

Thank God for Tik Tok. You won't find many Gen Xers who agree with me generally, but more specifically, how could we have survived the shutdown without the memes and stories we furiously forwarded to our friends and family? They engendered an ounce of levity during a freakishly "unprecedented time", and they connected us with others effortlessly. That connection was really, really important. That connection is the premise of this blog.

Under Promise and Over Deliver, a Bethinc. blog by Beth Pride
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Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

"I'll run in and grab the key." Mom and sister Maggie sat in the rental car, windows rolled down, travel clothes a little sticky after a long drive from Miami to Marathon. This was mother-daughter trip number five, destination: Florida Keys. The approach was not how I imagined it. The internet has the drive from… Continue reading Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

To Stay or to Swerve: A Lane Discussion by Beth Pride of Bethinc.
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To Stay or Swerve? A Discussion on Lanes.

The line at Subway was long. Limited-time guacamole. I watched people in the front consider their mounting decisions: at an extra fifty cents, guac or no guac? Which bread would you like, which meat, which cheeses? Mayo, mustard, or one of twelve dressings? Banana or jalapeno peppers? Salt and pepper? Hot or cold? A myriad… Continue reading To Stay or Swerve? A Discussion on Lanes.


Is Feedback the New Bossy?

A couple of weeks ago in the kitchen: “Okay, Bossy Beth!” Julia, my childhood friend of 40 years, poured a glass of wine and laughed at me. I shrugged, “I’m not being BOSSY; I'm just giving a little FEEDBACK!” “Bossy Beth…” I hadn’t heard that nickname in a long while, probably since grade school when… Continue reading Is Feedback the New Bossy?

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The End of the Line (or Not)?

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion: part joy, longing, and gratitude, all bundled up into a warm embrace that reminds us how our past influences our present. Today, I packed up the Christmas tree ornaments, and I felt nostalgic. Each ornament represents a different time in our lives, even the ones my mom bought new and… Continue reading The End of the Line (or Not)?

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It Starts with a Handshake.

I am really good at Legos. Just ask my son Lewis. We built a lot of Legos together. Star Wars space ships half the size of his bedroom, Batman headquarters, and an entire city with every emergency vehicle known to humanity. Just look at the pictures and build something with wheels.  It's a pretty gratifying… Continue reading It Starts with a Handshake.

It's a Pep Talk: Five Star Hotel

Is it “Five Star Hotel?”

I have a confession to make. It’s not a secret and I think it’s penance free--I'm obsessed with value proposition. Don't worry; it doesn't have anything to do with my neighbor's swimming pool or neighbor's husband or aging with dignity. Technically, for schools and businesses it’s what you offer, a sales pitch, the WHY in… Continue reading Is it “Five Star Hotel?”