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Is Feedback the New Bossy?

A couple of weeks ago in the kitchen: “Okay, Bossy Beth!” Julia, my childhood friend of 40 years, poured a glass of wine and laughed at me. I shrugged, “I’m not being BOSSY; I'm just giving a little FEEDBACK!” “Bossy Beth…” I hadn’t heard that nickname in a long while, probably since grade school when… Continue reading Is Feedback the New Bossy?

Time honored or timed out: do manners still matter by Beth Pride of Bethinc.
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Time-Honored or Timed Out: Do Manners Still Matter?

Easter Sunday may seem like an odd day to publish a blog on etiquette and personal marketing, yet in some ways, it is perfectly appropriate. Today many will hide eggs and watch children or grandchildren pull giant chocolate bunnies from their baskets. Many will go to church or brunch or lunch, attend some form of… Continue reading Time-Honored or Timed Out: Do Manners Still Matter?

Beth Pride blog explores vulnerability through the metaphor of "what on earth to wear." Bethinc.
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What On Earth to Wear?

"Now for the biggest question. What on earth should I wear?" That was my forever friend and colleague, Una, sitting on the sofa across from me, just finishing the final prep session before an interview with the search committee for Head of School. The question followed other ones like, "What is your vision for greater… Continue reading What On Earth to Wear?

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The End of the Line (or Not)?

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion: part joy, longing, and gratitude, all bundled up into a warm embrace that reminds us how our past influences our present. Today, I packed up the Christmas tree ornaments, and I felt nostalgic. Each ornament represents a different time in our lives, even the ones my mom bought new and… Continue reading The End of the Line (or Not)?

Bethinc. blog post about Community by Beth Pride

Defining Community: Starlings and He Who Has No Name*

Every morning at the lake, I drink my coffee from the top porch where I’m comfy in my chair and close to more coffee. One morning this summer I changed it up. I filled my mug and took the steps down to the dock where I could sit low and watch the fog slowly lift… Continue reading Defining Community: Starlings and He Who Has No Name*

The Nickel and Dime Economy by Beth Pride
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The Nickel and Dime Economy

The four of us kept walking while everyone else stood still. “Go, dad, go...” barked Lewis. We turned left, then right, up a few stairs, down a ramp, around a corner, still moving while everyone else leaned against handrails, looked down at their phones, picked at their nails, or watched with envy as we passed… Continue reading The Nickel and Dime Economy

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It Starts with a Handshake.

I am really good at Legos. Just ask my son Lewis. We built a lot of Legos together. Star Wars space ships half the size of his bedroom, Batman headquarters, and an entire city with every emergency vehicle known to humanity. Just look at the pictures and build something with wheels.  It's a pretty gratifying… Continue reading It Starts with a Handshake.

It's a Pep Talk: Five Star Hotel

Is it “Five Star Hotel?”

I have a confession to make. It’s not a secret and I think it’s penance free--I'm obsessed with value proposition. Don't worry; it doesn't have anything to do with my neighbor's swimming pool or neighbor's husband or aging with dignity. Technically, for schools and businesses it’s what you offer, a sales pitch, the WHY in… Continue reading Is it “Five Star Hotel?”


People Just Want to Fall in Love

“Willy Loman: I don't want change, I want Swiss cheese!”                                                  We sat and waited for the manager. The table next to us offered cold, charred hamburger patties on a paper plate… Continue reading People Just Want to Fall in Love


It’s a Get It Done Thing.

It was pouring rain, loud on the tin roof. I could barely hear the drill in my own hand as I forced the last two-inch wood screw into the transition strip that lay between the kitchen and living room floor. I heard the crunch of gravel once, twice, three times. “Must be everyone on time”… Continue reading It’s a Get It Done Thing.